The following examples should help you to get up & running with Plugin development.

Follow the main link for each one for an annotated view of the source code, or click on the links on the right to try the plugin out or view its github repo.

Exporting Examples This is an example plugin, which illustrates how to export layers, artboards and pages. download github
Hello World This is an extremely simple plugin example, which illustrates how to add a menu command to the Plugins menu and execute some code when it is selected. download github
Resources This is a simple example, which illustrates how to bundle resource files along with your Plugin, and access them from your code. download github
Selection Changed This example plugin illustrates how to listen for the SelectionChanged action, and to do something whenever the user changes the selection. download github
SVGO Export This Plugin compresses SVG assets using SVGO right after they're exported from Sketch. download github
Text Utilities This plugin provides some debugging tools which annotate text layers to show where their baselines and bounding boxes are. download github
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